Glamour mag benefit freebies

I'm actually subscribed to Glamour Magazine anyway, and when the issue came through my door just before the beginning of the month and I found the box of 'POREfessional' I had to go out and check out the other freebies, I ended up getting all 3 copies: Post Comments Atom.

The primer itself has a creamy lightweight formula and comes out a pinky colour, once applied it instantly gives the skin a fresh, glowing appearance. No subscription. We do the hard work for you, discovering all the best magazine freebies every month. It can either be worn as a basic primer underneath make up, or you can apply it on top to set your make up with a matte look for the day.

glamour mag benefit freebies

Glamour mag benefit freebies too seemed

Hmm I doubt it but I was blown away with the results after my first application. Shame that badgal didn't work for you as its one of my faves. POREfessional is a balm which aims to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines. I think the bad gal mascara would've been a lot better if it wasn't for the packaging, they made it so hard to get any product out!

Glamour mag benefit freebies
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